Enjoy the world of woodblock prints which were created by Tsuzen Nakajima, a "hangiga" artist.

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Welcome to Tsuzen Nakajima's website.
This site has been prepared
for those who love his woodblock prints.
Information such as the profile of the artist, collection, artwork, and merchandises
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Memories of Japan
2015 summer

● Message
It's OK! That's enough!
With dusk approaching, I hear the pretty voice of children from the shrubbery outside of a balcony. "Ready or not. Here I come." "It's OK!" This is the most soothing moment to me in a day. Looking at the current world, it's full of satiation and loose management...

● Gallery
This section introduces you to a selection of his works, which are around 400 now, according to the season.
"Yuusui" 2015, 21cm x 40cm

● Information
After ending the "Japan Tours Festival" exposition in France
The "Japan Tours Festival" exposition is the first event about Japan organized by Tours City. It was a big event which attracted 50,000 visitors in 3 days...

●Tsuzen Kanteidan
The following are the home pages of persons who support me
Memories of Japan

Updated on July 7, 2012
Tsuzen Nakajima
Tsuzen Nakajima
Born in Tokyo in 1944. He established a method to create his unique woodblock prints, which he calls “Hangiga,” with translucent colors and a wood grain texture. As a genius who opened a new way for creating woodblock prints beyond the traditional Edo Ukiyoe, his works have drawn attention in various countries.

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